What was your experience like working with M•A•C Cosmetics?

Teyana Taylor: "It has been so amazing! I have always been a fan of M•A•C so to have an opportunity like this was the ultimate fan girl moment since I have been wearing M•A•C since I was 15 years old! When I first met with the M•A•C team, everyone was so excited and that definitely meant a lot to me. From working on the lip colors and packaging, the whole collaboration was an amazing experience."

What does this collection mean to you?

Teyana Taylor: "It is such a dream come true. I still can’t believe it’s actually my collection! It’s a big moment for me, as a black woman coming from Harlem. I remember going to the M•A•C store when I was younger and dreaming about seeing myself in the store windows one day. I still can’t believe it’s real, to be able to have a collection with M•A•C truly means everything to me."

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

Teyana Taylor: "My inspiration was of course the 90’s but I also wanted the collection to be simple while being very powerful. Being a strong black woman and knowing the features we carry and the skin tones we have, I feel like less is more and I wanted to put the power in the lip. Black women in the 90’s represented beauty by keeping the power in the lip and that’s something that definitely inspired this collection for me."

What is your favorite product from the collection and why?

Teyana Taylor: "Out of the full collection, I am in love with the Mineralize Skinfinish! It is perfect because it’s something you can wear with or without makeup. You can throw it on for a super simple natural look. A little trick I love to do is to mix the Mineralize Skinfinish with your favorite moisturizer or even Vitamin E oil and it instantly gives off a dewy look to the skin. If you want to have a matte finish, you can just apply straight with a brush!"

You have been wearing MAC throughout the years, what is your earliest memory of the brand and favorite go-to product?

Teyana Taylor: "The clear M•A•C lip glass was the first product I ever used; I would always steal them right out of my mom’s purse when I was younger! I loved it because it had a perfect amount of stick to it. It almost felt like a lighter version of honey, the way it felt, it was everything. When I was 17, I received a big box full of M•A•C products that I will never forget! That was the first time I was playing with all of the different products and started to know what foundation color I was and my favorite lip liner shades, I knew everything!"

What is the best beauty lesson or advice you have ever received?

Teyana Taylor: "Less is more! The power of makeup is amazing. The power of M•A•C makeup is great because you can do a simple look or a more beat look!"

What type of makeup look makes you feel most empowered and why?

Teyana Taylor: "A nice natural look makes me feel super empowered because I feel like I am embracing my strong features and my skin tone, which makes me feel very powerful. It reminds me of my mom and all the women who I look up too, seeing them embrace their natural looks and strong features and still feel beautiful has been the most powerful to me."