Foundation Shade Finder

Find your perfect MAC foundation shade today. Use our foundation shade finder tool to find your perfect foundation shade match. Select your skin tone, choose your undertone and discover your new shade match. Unsure of skin tone or undertone? Check out photos of foundation pictured on different skin tones to help you decide and see how their shade suits them. Make sure to check out our foundation brushes too, so you can apply like a Pro.


The 4 colour groups that we have throughout all our foundations are NW, N, NC and C. These stand for: Neutral Warm, Neutral, Neutral Cool and Cool.

To find out if you’re more rosy or golden, you can take a picture of yourself in natural light with no make-up on. Blur the photo out using your phone – this will leave you with a general all-over tone. You may find that some parts of the skin are golden, but the majority is pink and vice versa – go with the colour you see the most.


This falls under our NW and N shades, you could also describe them as rich, warm, copper and mahogany.

Neutral Warm Light
Neutral Warm Medium
Neutral Warm Medium
Neutral Warm Deep Dark

NC and C are considered golden, but you can also describe them as caramel, champagne tones and tan shades.

Neutral Cold Light to Medium
Neutral Cold Light
Neutral Cold Light
Neutral Cold Light


Once you’ve decided on your undertone, you can use our shade finder below to figure out which shade number you may be. Simply select your skin tone, choose your undertone, and meet your shade match.