Disco Pink Eyeshadow Look

Jewel colour. Flicked liner. Feathery lash. Celebrating the new trend for super dressed-up eyes and recreate this DISCO PINK eyeshadow look using our STYLE EYECON KIT and the steps below.

Disco Pink Eyeshadow Makeup Look


1. Ensure hands are freshly washed and take a finger to apply DAZZLESHADOW EXTREME in shade CELEBUTANTE, concentrating the colour behind the lashes and blending out and upwards

2. Use the super fine brush tip of BRUSHSTROKE 24-HOUR LINER in BRUSHBLACK to define the lash line from inner to outer corner

3. Layer IN EXTREME DIMENSION WATERPROOF MASCARA adding plenty to outer corner.

4. Apply #83 TRUE OR FALSE LASH onto lash line, pinching together with natural lashes

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