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What is the best natural looking lipstick?

The most asked question I get as a make up artist is, when it comes to lipstick is, how to define my lip shape in a natural way and how to choose a natural looking lip tone and texture for my own skin tone. Or just generally what natural lip shade will suit me. When choosing the most natural lipstick for yourself, you have to take two factors into account. The first factor is skin tone and the second is the texture of the lipstick:

  • You need to look at the colour of your own lip tone and choose a lipstick that is similar then you want to decide if you want to even out the colour on your natural lip tone be it slightly darker or lighter.
  • Also, you want to decide the texture of the lipstick, the lighter the texture the more natural the finish will be.

  • I find that slightly moisturising or satin toned lipsticks work best for a natural pay off, some people with paler skin tones have naturally rosy toned lips so they may want something moisturising with a warm tone for example Twig, this is also great if you team it with a lip liner like whirl. For medium skin tones I always go for a beige pink tone such as Hug me lipstick its a really popular bridal shade. If you have a medium dark skin tone and an olive complexion try S'sexy amplified lipstick its a gorgeous mid tone beige with a warm undertone. For deeper skin tones I love a glossy pay off with a metallic finish such as oh baby lip-gloss or Move your body lipstick especially with chestnut lip liner, or if you want a more natural shade try Film noir lipstick.