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How to apply loose glitter on lips?

Who doesn’t love a sparkly lip? It’s the perfect lip for any holiday season that really amps up your lip look. There are several ways to add glitter to your lip look, whether it be pressed on top or mixing a glitter into a gloss and making your very own custom, one of a kind gloss.

Personally my favourite is a Red Glitter lip, let me guide you through it... Firstly, you would need to prep your lips with our MAC Prep & Prime Lip, this is a clear base that has a slight tackiness that holds our amazing lipstick range on your lips all day and all night! Next you want create the perfect opaque colour to give your glitter a really good base for backing the glitter. I love to apply the lip colour first then use a liner to perfect when using the matching liner and lipstick. Sticking with my classic red lip, I would suggest our lush deep true red MAC Feels So Grand Liquid Lipcolour. The brush is really easy to fill in the lip, you want to make sure you have a nice even swipe of colour. Simply line of the tip of the brush with the corner and drag along the lip to the center, then you flip the brush over and do the same on the other side, then repeated to the other lip. Applying the colour before using the liner saves alot of time and gives you more control over the product. The complimentary liner for MAC Feels So Grand is of course our MAC Cherry Lip Pencil. Once you have a applied the lipstick use the liner to really neaten the look and shape the lips. Its always good to look into a mirror infront of you to see where the lip needs balancing.

Now we have our perfect red lip, there are a few options for sticking the glitter.
  • If you want a shiny Glitter lip look, use our MAC Clear Lipglass with a presicion brush, I love the MAC 231 SYNTHETIC SMALL SHADER BRUSH. Now we have a shiny red lip, we can use the gloss as a glue for the glitter. Ideally you want a glitter to correspond to the lipstick itself, I'm going to suggest the MAC Red Glitter, using the 231 brush we used for the gloss, dip this into the glitter and use a patting motion to apply on the lip.
  • If you'd like a sheerer glitter lip, on a surface or the back of you hand squirt a little gloss and sprinkle a little glitter and mix together to swipe ontop of the Red Lip.
  • If you'd like more of a Matte Glitter lip, you could swipe on some of our DUO BRUSH ON STRIPLASH ADHESIVE, this is Latex-free too! Then just use the 231 Brush to pat on the glitter, this is a super long lasting way of wearing glitter on the lips however the Clear Lipglass is more comfortable.

  • PRO TIP:
    If your lips are quite textured and dry, why not use our Lip scrub to exfoliate the lips before applying your lip products, my favourite is LIP SCRUBTIOUS in CANDIED NECTAR.




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