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What is purple concealer used for?

The wide and wonderful world of colour correction is a great tool in cancelling out tones that are unwanted in the skin. For this tailored science, we always refer to the colour wheel, when you want to neutralize a tone then we are looking for opposing colours.

For example, if we want to take out redness through the cheeks or blemishes, green sits opposite to red on the colour wheel. However, as green isn't naturally in the skin, then choosing something yellow is a close equivalent. At MAC, our Prep & Prime Highlighter in the shade Light Boost is a great tool for this, as it has a soft yellow cream undertone. We also have a amazing yellow-based skin primer, Prep + Prime Natural Radiance in Radiant Yellow, to aid in smoothing redness for a beautiful canvas for makeup. When we see purple on the colour wheel, the colour sitting opposite is yellow.

When the skin has muted-yellow tones, it usually insinuates a dullness in the skin, so purple correctors within makeup is used to help brighten and lift these areas. Just like green, our products do not contain purple as a corrector or concealer as it's not as user-friendly. The best alternative to use on a daily basis is tones with pink, as the warmth would help correct dullness. Our Prep & Prime Highlighter in the shade Radiant Rose, a beautiful and bright light shell pink that helps boost the skin's brightness as well as knockout any blue-tones under the eye on a lighter skin tone.

For access to a wide range of concealers and colour correctors combined, our Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palettes are available across 6 different tones. Each of these palettes contain 4 shades of concealer ranging from both cool and warm tones with 2 colour corrector featuring both yellow and pink/peach/orange based colours depending on the skintone's needs.


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