Chroma Craze / Good Luck Trolls

Coloured Hairspray, 2 Shades, Limited-Edition Packaging

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1.4 - £12.14 / 1g
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  • Good Luck Locks
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Preview Shades

Brush Cleanser

Cleansing, Disinfecting, Conditions Brushes

233ml - £5.15 / 100ml

Pencil Sharpener / Universal

For Regular/Chubby Pencils, Multi-Use, Creates Fine/Rounded Tips

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Duo Adhesive

Latex Formula, Dries Clear, Long-Wearing

14g - £71.43 / 100g

Full Lash Curler

Full-Sized, Curling, Easy To Use


Half Lash Curler

Half-Sized, Curling, For Inner Lashes


Duo Lash Comb / Brow Brush

Removes Lash Clumps, Grooms Brows, Portable


Pencil Sharpener/Small

For Small Pencils, Portable, Precise


Duo-Sided Sharpener

2 Openings, For All Pencil Sizes, Precise


Tweezers / Slant

Slant-Tipped, Texturized Tip, Grooming


Safety Scissor

Stainless Steel, Ergonomic, Convenient

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Manicure File

Grooming, Portable, 3-Pack

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Duo-Image Compact Mirror

Dual-Sided, Slim, Portable


Foundation Pump

Optional Pump, Easy Distribution, Self-Capping



Stainless Steel, Double-Sided, Professional

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